History of the Department

The Franz Joseph University moved from Kolozsvár to Szeged in 1921. At the time, the Institute and Collection of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy was led by István Apáthy.
The name of the department was changed to the Institute and Collection of General Zoology and Comparative Anatomy by József Gelei in 1926.
In 1940, Ambrus Ábrahám changed the name of the department to Institute of General Zoology and Biology.
After the Department of Animal Physiology split from the unit in 1968, the department pursued its educational program and research activity as the Department of Animal Anatomy and Zootaxonomy led by László Móczár.
From 1971, the unit was called Department of Zoology, from 1993 the Department of Zoology and Cell Biology.
The current Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine was formed in 2007 by the merge of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and the Cell Biology Research Group of the Department of Zoology and Cell Biology, Faculty of Science and Informatics..

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