Sarah research essay
Research essay award

The Student Science Study Group Board of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School awarded 1st prize to Sarah Danica Berger, a medical student in the English year, for her research competition essay titled „Reduced collateral circulation predicts insufficient reperfusion in the ischemic mouse cerebral cortex”. The work was supervised by Dr. Ákos Menyhárt, assistant professor at our department. Congratulations for the research essay award!

Eszter Professor promotion
Professor titles

Upon the proposal of the Minister responsible for culture and innovation, reached in consultation with the Universities, the President of the Republic has appointed the new University Professors. Among them, the Chair of our Department, Dr. Eszter Farkas has been promoted. The appointment is taking effect on September 1st, 2022. Congratulations for the title!

“OTKA” Young Investigator Excellence Grant

An application titled „Modulation of ischemic stroke recovery through the muscle-brain axis” submitted by our colleague Dr. Ákos Menyhárt to the 2022 “OTKA” Young Investigator Excellence Program of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary has been granted. With the financial support, novel and exciting translational research will be conducted to develop personalized, non-invasive therapies to improve the outcomes of ischemic stroke. Congratulations for the grant support!

NAP grant
Grant support

A Hungarian Brain Research Program 3.0 Grant, operating in the framework of the National Programs of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been awarded to the HCEMM-USZ Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism Research Group for four years. The Research Group has won support to realize the proposed program, and to conduct novel and exciting research in the field of the pathophysiology and therapy of ischemic stroke.

UNKP 2022
Funded research applications to the New National Excellence Program

The Review Panel of the New National Excellence Program of the Ministry of Human Capacities have funded the research project applications of Dr. Réka Tóth and Dr. Armand Rafael Bálint PhD students, and Péter Archibald Szarvas and Péter Kozák undergraduate medical student. Their project supervisors are Dr. Ákos Menyhárt and Dr. Rita Frank. The research forms an integral part of the activity of the HCEMM-USZ Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism Research Group.
Congratulations for the achievement!

Stroke Congress 2022
Conference attendance

The annual conference of the Hungarian Stroke Society was organized in Siófok between 1-3 September, 2022. The talks given by the members of the HCEMM-USZ Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism Research Group representing our Department were awarded a special prize of the Foundation for Diagnostic Imaging Education. Congratulations to the Speakers!

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Welcome to the home page of the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine of the University of Szeged!


Our courses in the BSc and MSc biology program are given at the Biology Institute of the Faculty of Science and Informatics. We also contribute to the medical education with elective courses, and teach biology in the pre-medical program at the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School. Our required and elective courses are given in Hungarian and English. The study material focuses on topics in cell biology and molecular biology. We teach a foundation course in the postgraduate program and provide project supervision to several PhD students.

Three productive research groups pursue experimental projects in the field of stem cell research, neuroinflammatory processes, and the cellular pathomechanisms of acute cerebrovascular diseases. We conduct basic and translational research. Our research is integrated into dynamic national and international collaborative networks.

Our experienced staff members are dedicated to education and research. Our goal is to provide up-to-date teaching material and to build a firm basis in cell biology - a dynamically evolving field of science. We would like to promote an experimental, scientific approach to learning, and make research and academic careers attractive to students.

Eszter Farkas

Prof. Dr. Eszter Farkas
department chair